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Why Do You Dress Like That?

There are so many people that dress inappropriately for the work place and they know it! I’m sure we all can remember the girl and the guy in our younger days that thought they were the coolest, and just the best thing on planet earth. Some of them were just plain slutty including the guy. The way they dress just said ‘ Cum Get Some, I’m so easy!’.
Respecting Your Self-Image
If you choose to respect yourself it will be evident in the way you carry yourself as well as how you dress overall. Adult attire tips can only help so much, one must take action to squash old habits in order to find the new person inside them that’s dying to get out! Respect yourself and it’s likely others will do so. As for tips on adult attire, follow a few basic steps to avoid being called the office slut based on all they can see, your dress behavior;
Avoid dressing as if you’re going clubbing whether you’re going immediately after work or not.
Ask yourself if your good girlfriend would wear that outfit to work and if the answer is no- don’t wear it!
Ensure that you take hygiene as seriously as you would a heart attack.
Be sure your slacks, pants, trousers, or skirts aren’t so tight your pussy shape shown through them.
The same goes for your ass as beautiful as it may be- always wear panties and g-strings don’t count and no alligator and snake materials unless they’re one dark shade.
This may all seem obvious yet you should also check yourself out before a body length mirror before leaving for the day and good dressing.